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For Teens

Braces for Teens

At Engel Orthodontics, we offer multiple treatment options for teenagers and find joy in helping your teen create a beautiful and straight smile.

Why Now?

Many parents that bring their teen to our office for a consultation have the same question: “Why should my teen have orthodontic work now?” If your teen has severely crowded or crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw, they and their health would greatly benefit from a form of orthodontic treatment.

Teenagers are the perfect age to start treatment for multiple reasons including:

  • All adult teeth have erupted or grown in fully
  • Their jaws are still growing, making them malleable enough to move toward the correct position
  • Teeth are generally easier to move in youth than they are later in life

Treatment Options For Teens

Traditional metal braces are the most popular among our teenage patients, but there are other options we offer, such as clear aligners or ceramic braces. Invisalign for Teens is an excellent option for less complicated cases, but requires a LOT of responsibility for keeping up with weekly trays. If your teen is up for it then SO ARE WE!

Most teenage patients enjoy metal braces because they can customize them to their personality or even events with colored bands. In our office, we make having braces a fun and enlightening experience for our patients.

To All The Teenagers Out There

Orthodontic braces are a big part of life for many people your age, and today's braces make it easy to look good and feel good! Please contact our practice to schedule your next orthodontic checkup.

How Long Will I Have To Wear Braces

The amount of time it takes to treat your smile with braces depends on three key factors:

  1. Early treatment — Did your doctor recommend an early intervention known as Phase I treatment? If so Phase 1 usually lasts 6 - 12 months after which you will have a break period while we wait for your permanent teeth to come in when you reach your teenage years. A lot of patients count this as part of their full-time in braces, but it is really just a short stop on the journey to your full Phase 2 braces!
  2. What we are fixing — The amount of treatment needed to correct a problem will determine how long the process takes. Each patient reacts to treatments differently, so treatment times vary depending on how quickly your body responds and how much work is needed to give you that show-stopping smile you expect.
  3. YOU, our friend! — Your willingness to use the appliances your orthodontist gives you plays a major role in the length of time it takes to complete your treatment. Remember this is a team effort between you and our office. Always take care of your braces and appliances; this truly will help make your treatment shorter!
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